Monumental half and a Fall hike

It is done!  Yes, half marathon number 8 is checked off the bucket list! I started training for this race in August- slightly later than I would normally give myself to prepare, but 2016 was a hot summer. My butt was finally kicked into gear after hitting submit and my bank account had $70 less in it.

I trained for this half all on my own. Let me tell you the longer distances give your mental toughness a run for its money. One great thing I learned this time around in training- okay actually a couple of things  1.) it’s okay to stop and walk 2.) have water stops planned out on hot days. These two things saved me when I was running 9-12 miles on my own.

So the race- the Monumental Half Marathon in Indianapolis. This is the first time I have done this particular race and I did enjoy it. The course was flat (hello, Indiana in general), the spectators were ready to go (PBR, donut, and left over halloween candy hand outs), and the weather was great. I definitely did not PR- I did not expect to though. During my training I was averaging 9:30-10 minute miles so I was aiming for a finish under 2 hours and 10 minutes. I ended up finishing at 2 hours and 1 minute, averaging a 9:15 minute mile so I am not mad.

After the race I grabbed as many food items being handed out as I could— because my belly was growling around mile 7. I chowed down on my cookie and then met up with a college friend whose husband was doing the marathon. We chatted for a bit and then I took my remaining food items and swaddled them up in my space (thermal) blanket and headed to my car.

The rest of Saturday was relaxing as my husband (will always be referenced to as John here on out) and I had a hiking trip planned for the next day. Early Sunday morning the clocks were set back so we got an extra hour of sleep or extra hour of the day to enjoy because we were up by 7:30- a 9:30 bed time will do that to ya.

After breakfast Sunday morning we got the dog (will be referenced to as Roxy here on out) and headed down to Spencer, Indiana to visit McCormick’s Creek State Park. Seriously, again- the weather was GORGEOUS! We don’t have many of these days left here this time of year so we wanted to soak it IN!


When we first got into the park we headed to view the falls and walked on the shore line of the rive for a little while. Our next destination was the cave so we drove over to that trail to start our 2 mile hike. Roxy loved the trail and her head was down with her sniffer going the majority of the time. About 1/3 of the way into the hike we made it to the cave and well, it was a disappointment. I had to duck to get inside of it and there was no standing once in there so my day after 13 mile legs were not squatting anymore than they had to.

The last part of the trail was very pretty and a lot of fun. We had to walk though the little creek several times, which allowed Roxy to have some water breaks and we even hit a little bit of an incline for some challenge. Very happy we took the time out of our weekend to head down to the park and enjoy the weaning days of beautiful Autumn weather.


Today was a recovery day but I will be back to exercising tomorrow and will have a workout to share!


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