Friday favorites

Happy Friday everyone! It’s so beautiful in Indiana today but it won’t last long. I am seeing some cooler weather heading our way just in time for the weekend. We don’t have much going on here this weekend so sleeping in, cuddling in blankets, and fuzzy socks will all be happening I’m sure.

It is the Holiday season, I mean Thanksgiving is less than a week away so I’ve got a mixed bag of favorites today- some just true favorites and some that might be going on my Holiday wish list. Take a gander and hopefully you’ll find something that will become a favorite for you!

  1. Lucky Brand booties– THESE booties are EVERYTHING. I really love them. I think they are perfect to wear with jeans, leggings, or even a dress. They come in more colors too!booties
  2. Rimmel 16 hour proof kiss lip colour– I was completely on the band wagon with matte lip sticks earlier this year and I still love them. With the cooler months approaching though chapped lips will be coming, so I wanted something that wouldn’t dry my lips out but would keep good color throughout the day. I originally loved this gloss because of the color but I have bought more due it’s long wear and it doesn’t dry my lips out while still giving me the non-glossy appearance I like of a matte. And bonus is the cost, win-win! (Kiss Fatal color)gloss
  3. Oatmeal Latte– This is one that I just can’t! I mean OMG!!! This first caught my eye in a video that Jessica made and  my mind was blown. I don’t think I’d ever make it for myself….but any volunteers?! And why has Starbucks not caught on?!latte
  4. LL Bean Fleece– I love this, it looks so comfy and then the collar, the old school logo those 2 things put it over the top for me. I imagine myself staying cozy in the house with this or (looking) put together with this if I’m out running errands. fleece
  5. The super moon– Okay, specifically the super moon in Colorado. John and I were in Colorado in September and I have never seen the moon look bigger- maybe it’s the elevation, I don’t know. Anyways when I saw this picture of the super moon on Colorado Springs Instagram it proved to me that I wasn’t crazy, even the super moon looks bigger there!moon
  6. Pumpkin crunch cake– Besides pumpkin pie this is my next favorite pumpkin dessert. My mom made this a few years ago and I couldn’t get enough. I’m hoping this appears on our table soon (Thanksgiving, maybe?)! Oh and what’s even better about this dessert, it’s almost like a dump cake so not much effort involved!pumpkin-crunch-cake


Enjoy the weekend!


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